Like many city dogs without the benefit of a big yard, Gidget is taken on walks at least three times a day.  For even the briefest of these walks, GidgMom grabs a particular small shoulder bag permanently packed with a number of items:

  1. Poop bags (4, as peops may need to bum one)

  2. Cash (corner stores and cabs, if need be)

  3. Pepper spray (off-leash dogs & 2-legged animals)

  4. Whistle

  5. Flashlight (tiny LED)

  6. Comb (touch-ups & burrs)

  7. Moleskine notebook & pen

  8. Leash for strays (Gidget’s a magnet)

  9. Vet hospital magnets (for newbie dog owners)

  10. cards

More than a few blocks on summer days will entail carrying a water bottle and drinking cup.  In that case GidgMom either will add a water bottle carrier or a small rucksack.  The rucksack’s contents include a dog First Aid kit and other items that will be photographed soon for inclusion on this page.